10 Apr 2020  12:00 AM

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The students and faculties of Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar has recently developed a sanitizing trunk, and which is now available at the cost of Rs. 500.

The IITians of Ropar has made a trunk that can sanitize our day to day things we buy from market with the help of UV radiation. You can put all groceries or even the currency notes in the sanitizing trunk to make it Coronavirus free! This sanitizing trunk has become a needful innovation, during this Covid-19 pandemic.

The trunk has been fitted with ultraviolet germicidal irradiation technology, and it will take 40 minutes to sanitise the items put inside, along with a 10 minutes of cooling period.

The sanitizing device by the IIT Ropar, will make it easy for the people to sanitize the vegetables, paper, plastic, currencies and other materials brought from the market, and make sure that no tiny droplets from coughs or sneezes remains back on the things.

Union HRD Minister for Communications and Electronic & IT, Mr. Sanjay Dhotre had recently tweeted about this information, and had congratulated the institute for the same.

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