11 Sep 2018  12:00 AM

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The Fee Regulatory Committee, Ahmedabad Zone declared the Final Fees Structure for 360 schools in their first list. The management of all 360 school including Mahatma Gandhi International School, had agreed to the final fee structure given by the FRC.

The FRC had increased provisional fee structure for nearly 15% of schools and had also reduced the provisional fees of 18% of schools. Nearly 137 schools are which falls in the FRC Ahmedabad zone are yet to get their final fee structure. Nearly 66 schools had agreed to charge fees less or equivalent to the cut off amount which was declared by the Government earlier.

The cut off fee which was declared by the Government was Rs 15,000 per annum for the pre-primary and primary schools, secondary schools at Rs 25,000, higher secondary schools was Rs 27,000 and higher secondary schools offering the science subjects was Rs 30,000.

The highest fees declared in the first list was Rs 2.5 Lakh which included the provisional fee of Rs 55,000.

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