20 Apr 2020  12:00 AM

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Due to the pandemic of Corona virus, the CBSE Board Exams 2020 for Class 12 were been stopped in the midway.  Some of the subjects exams had already been rescheduled in certain areas of North Delhi due to violence.

Due to the Janta Curfew and Covind-19 lockdown, the HRD Ministry announced that the Board Exams would be held only for those subjects that were required for college admissions on April 1.  As the lockdown has been extended further till May 3, there are no chances of cancellation for the remaining CBSE board exams,  as per the latest media reports.

As per a media house, A C BSE board official had a talk with them. The dates for the rescheduled CBSE  board exams would be declared only after May 3, after the situation has been analysed.

The Rescheduled CBSE Board Exams 2020 are to be conducted for 29 major subjects, which will be held after May 3.

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