08 Mar 2019  12:00 AM

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The Delhi government has changed its focus from expanding pre-primary education to brining up new anganwadis and affiliated areas that cater to the essential nutritional requirements of children. Till now the government was running three centers, which they are planning to expand to the further areas, so that they can reach to the maximum children’s.

Municipal Corporation of Delhi run schools, has 51,000 pre-primary students and anganwadi’s, courtyard shelters has nearly 1.7 lakh children of the age group from three to six years. They are also into planning kids care centers and play areas.

In a statement to Indian Express, the government said, “It causes deterioration and duplication in the quality as none focuses on the early childhood as that shifts the second priority and defeats the goal of targeted delivery of care”

There are over 1,000 anganwadis centers in the city and plans are a foot to streamline it as early as possible. Their aim is to multiply anganwadis hub-centers to nearly 100 in number with diversified approach to education.

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